Why Buy Your New Home in Calgary and With StreetSide Developments

Some of the reasons why investing in a StreetSide home is one of best decisions you can make:

  1. All homes come with a minimum of a 1, 2, 5, 10 Home Warranty through Alberta New Home Warranty
  2. Less maintenance and repairs on your new investment
  3. Designer features, chosen by our professional team
  4. Various housing types to choose from
  5. Pre-Sale homes are available

We’ve established an investment analysis for you to review in some of our most popular communities before visiting the homes in person. Ready to find your home today? Just click here to start the process. 

Calgary is ranked Canada and North America’s #1 most livable and the world’s #3 most livable city. Read more. 

Lower general corporate income tax rates to help improve Alberta’s competitiveness and encourage investment. Find out more. 

$343,876 Average Townhome Cost. Meaning you get more home for less money! Learn more. 

Net Migration to Alberta is up 3,225.4% year over year. Click here to see the stats. 

The average rental rate is $2.60 per square foot. See more. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the investment down payment structure

10% at contract, the remaining 10% depending on the stage of construction.


How much does StreetSide provide for commissions

StreetSide Developments offers our Realtor partners a standard 3.5%/1.5% commissions when they refer a client for an investment purpose.

Are buyers allowed to assign their homes

StreetSide Developments does not allow purchasers to assign their homes.


Is a rental guarantee offered

StreetSide Developments does not provide a rental guarantee.


Does StreetSide offer property management services

StreetSide Developments does not provide a property management service.

When are the closing dates for the homes

Closing dates vary per home and project. Once you’ve narrowed down the homes of interest we can provide more accurate information.

Can StreetSide provide marketing collateral to share

We are happy to provide any specific collateral required. Most can be downloaded directly from each individual project’s webpage. Click here to find those.

Does StreetSide Developments have an investment or Realtor portal

We do not have an online portal for investors or Realtors

Does StreetSide Developments offer incentives for Realtors or investors

StreetSide Developments does not offer any incentives beyond the standard 3.5%/1.5% commissions earned on a home.

Are the homes close to nearby amenities, schools, and transit

You can view all nearby amenities on our websites located here.

What are the condo fees for the homes?

Condo fees are priced on a per home level. We can provide a range once a community is selected and a specific amount when the home is selected.

How much will the homes rent for

StreetSide Developments cannot provide specific investment data. All investments come with risks and should have their due diligence completed by those investing. It is best to look at comparable homes on rentfaster.ca

How much will the homes increase by price over time

All investments come with risks and should have their due diligence completed by those investing. StreetSide Developments cannot predict upcoming price increases due to the nature of the housing market and supply chains.

DISCLAIMER: Every investment involves risk, and any purchaser of real estate is responsible for their own due diligence. All figures listed on the following pages are for the purpose of academic evaluation only, and any interested investor is responsible for their own assumptions, and should do their own research and evaluation before making an investment

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