Condo living is perfect for anyone seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Not only is condo living more affordable, but it provides all the benefits of a single-family home with virtually none of the work. Despite the fact modern condos are incredibly popular due to their affordability and spacious, modern designs, there are a few condo “misconceptions” … Continued

When you’re shopping around for a new place to call home, there are many things you want to ensure you’ll be happy with long-term. How much you like the exterior design, the interior layout, the nearby amenities, and more — it will all affect your final decision. One of the biggest deciding factors will be … Continued

Whether you’re a new condo owner or a prospective buyer, you probably know that every condominium board collects condo fees, which contribute to the maintenance and repair of the building and grounds. On occasion, condo boards also exercise what’s called a condo assessment – or special assessment. These happen to cover the cost of a … Continued

If you’re a condo owner you are probably well acquainted with condo fees. Condo fees can get a bad rap sometimes, but there’s a lot more to them than general maintenance and seasonal grounds care. One of the most significant recipients of your condo fees is the condo reserve fund. If you haven’t yet, it’s … Continued

For many, purchasing a condo is an exciting experience. Condos are popular among young professionals and those with an active lifestyle looking for urban convenience without the hassle of upkeep. They’re also popular among near-retirees looking to downsize from the large family home. Because condo living is a transition for many, it’s understandable that most … Continued

There are so many benefits to condo living. Fewer responsibilities, more amenities, and a real sense of community are just a few reasons why people decide on a condo. However, you’ve probably heard skeptics say, “yeah, but there’s always those condo fees.” Yes, condo fees are something to take into consideration but they are not … Continued