5 of the best reasons to live in Inglewood!

1. Food:

Inglewood offers some of the most expansive, and award-winning restaurants in all of Calgary. Whether you are in the mood for a quick fix from Spolumbo’s, Inglewood Pizza or the Infamous Inglewood Drive-In, or chasing that fine dining experience from Deane House or Rouge, Inglewood has you covered with an incredible variety no matter the occasion. Any of these options are just a few minutes from your front door, and with over 30 to choose from, you will never be short on selection. Even better, most of these amazing businesses are locally owned, so no matter what culinary experience you decide to take, you know you are supporting the community you live in.

Our top picks:

Without Papers Pizza – 17 minutes by foot

Madison 12|12 – 17 minutes by foot

Rosso Coffee – 10 minutes by foot

2. Recreation:

If you would like to pick up the pace, the community is right there with you. Immediate access to river pathways provides an almost endless offering for bikers and runners alike, no matter how experienced. A local basketball court is ready whenever you are for a quick game of pick-up, while more unique pursuits can also be found at your local Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club. If taking it easy is more your style, the Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre allows access to unique and protected Wildlands, or you can immerse yourself in a different kind of nature, strolling down the fairways at the Inglewood Golf Club. No matter the season, your activity level, or interest, boredom will not be part of your vernacular in this community.

Have a look for yourself:

Pearce Estate Park – 10 minutes by foot

Calgary Zoo – 20 minutes by foot

Inglewood Wild Lands – 20 minutes by foot

3. Drink:

Inglewood has drummed up an impressive reputation in Calgary as the go-to spot for local breweries, and expressive establishments for some great refreshments. Whether looking for an award-winning pint, or a specialty concoction from your local mixologist, Inglewood has a flavor and a table to match any mood you throw at it. From the progressive atmosphere of the award-winning Cold Garden, or the traditional style Pubs such as Hose and Hound, a quick walk up 9th Avenue is less than 10 minutes away from your next favourite watering hole.

Feeling thirsty?

High Line Brewing – 13 minutes by foot

Cold Garden – 18 minutes by foot

Revival Brewcade – 16 minutes by foot

4. Music:

Venturing onto 9th Ave also leads up and down Calgary’s famous Music Mile. Starting just 10 minutes down your street, the Blues Can kicks off the infamous stretch, leading all the way to Studio Bell. With multiple venues to choose from, and a rolling Marquee up and down this famous strip, there is never a lack of talent. Be sure to keep up to date on all the new entertainment with the Music Mile Newsletter!

Get your jam on!

Ironwood Stage and Grill – 15 minutes by foot

The Blues Can – 10 minutes by foot

5. Art and Expression:

Inglewood is anything but bland, offering a freedom of expression like few others. Art displays, local festivals, and community involvement encourage a fresh take on this boutique community, offering an ever-evolving perspective on this already historic canvas. Day or night, the experience continues, as Inglewood night market promotes a magical evening on the town, getting to know your neighbors while supporting local vendors. On the other side of the clock, Sunfest assembles over 200 vendors, offering live music, kids activities, and more. These are just some of the official events, however, a walk down 9th avenue is sure to feel like a party at any time, as the atmosphere of Inglewood is something relished and sought after by Calgarians city-wide; living at Konekt means you have a front-row seat to dive right into the festivities, or take in the quaint nature that is right outside your door. Whatever expression or attitude of the day, Inglewood is right there with you.

Art is all around you in this community, but if you would like to take something home check out:

The Collectors’ Gallery of Art – 13 minutes by foot

4Cats Arts Studio – 16 minutes by foot

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