9 Timeless Monochrome Décor Ideas

timeless-monochrome-décor-ideas-b3-townhomes-master-suite-featured-image.pngThere is something to be said for wanting to keep it simple when it comes to interior design. Not everyone wants to spend hours figuring out if their living room’s colour palette will jive with the kitchen and master bedroom. We are, by nature, compelled to love colour, but a monochromatic theme to your house doesn’t mean it will be dull or uninviting to the eye.

See how shades of grey, white, and black can create a living space that is both visually appealing and thematically consistent. Indulge in some ideas for monochrome décor.

timeless-monochrome-décor-ideas-table.png1. One Accent

Visit some home decorating websites to give you an idea of a professional’s vision from their own home. Most professional interior designers these days will advise you to pick one thing to use to stand out in a living room. For example, a deep blue couch could sit as the featured “cornerstone” of the room and an eye-catching centrepiece with a charcoal wall behind it as a backdrop. Keeping your other furniture pieces black (such as coffee tables and shelving) can make your one accent piece really pop.

2. Texture

Texturize wherever possible! Use textures to break up a room’s image. White or black are “flat” colours after all so keep things interesting by adding some sort of shag carpeting, plants (bonus: this adds some green accent or other colour if it’s a flowering plant!), or a patterned rug.

3. Lighting

Natural lighting is your friend! If you can’t use natural lighting, then go with ambient lighting. This is especially important in spaces like the kitchen where you will want as much light as possible. Cupboards that have subtle patterns under them are a nice way to keep your eye moving along the wall.

4. Bare Bedroom

Your master bedroom is the perfect place to keep things dark. One black wall with a white or bone coloured bed and accent pillows is a beautiful way to keep the room feeling warm yet modern looking. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and it’s a good idea to keep this particular room muted without the distraction of a lot of colours to keep you awake. Keep things interesting with pillows that have herringbone, chevron stripes, or tribal patterns on them to create graphic interest.

timeless-monochrome-décor-ideas-wood-table.png5. Natural Look

Using natural elements for decor is also a great way to incorporate monochromatic style. For example, consider wicker and wood accents and use heavy cotton blankets for an added touch of warmth. You can also consider putting down a wool rug at the front entranceway or as an area rug to really pull the room together.

6. Theme Throughout

Pick a predominant colour for one space then mirror it elsewhere. For example, consider a beautiful white living room space; the simplicity will create a very open look. Contrast this with a bedroom that also has one primary white object in it (such as the bed) but black or dark grey walls to keep things warm.

7. Stainless Steel

Never forget the power of stainless steel in a kitchen, pantry, or bathroom. Stainless steel shelving, sinks, or even appliances will look very sleek in any monochromatic environment while adding a bit of shine to everything.

8. Little Touches

You can still have colour in your accents or decorative ornaments around a room. For example, in a dining area you might have artwork on the wall or vases sitting on a few strategic shelves. Each of these could contain some pastel colours that would create a lovely contrast to say… a dark grey themed eating space.

9. Prints

If you’re feeling really bold you can enhance a room by decorating with animal prints. The use of such bold design choices can vary from things like the obvious zebra stripes on a chair or lamp to leopard prints on your favourite couch’s pillows. Don’t be afraid to stand out if your personality is bold to begin with! In a monochromatic room, the eye will be drawn to your prints and help them stand out that much more.

With a bit of time and effort, you can find other ideas to help your black and white affair look spectacular while avoiding a monotone feel to the home. Give it some thought and embrace the minimalist lifestyle!