New Home Warranty

How the Warranty Department Works

At StreetSide Developments we strive to ensure that every home is built to meet or exceed the standards and quality in materials set out by the Province’s building code. Despite our efforts, the inherent complexity of home construction lends itself to occasional issues.

In accordance with the Province’s New Home Warranty Program, StreetSide Developments provides a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship, materials and any issues that may occur from building settlement; 2 years for delivery and distribution systems, 5 years for building envelope protection, and 10 years for major structural components.


Conasys: Our Online Homeowner Care Platform

We want your home ownership experience to be a great one, which is why we have provided you with a fully interactive Homeowner Care Platform that will allow you to better understand, maintain and enjoy your investment.

Simply login below to gain access to:

  • Key information about your home and how to operate your home’s systems.
  • Get Maximum Coverage from Your New Home Warranty.


Service Request Process

Requests for warranty service can be made through your homeowner portal.

  1. Log in to your online homeowner portal using your Home ID and password using the form above
  2. Click ‘Request Service’ (bottom left widget)
  3. Complete the ‘New Service Request’ form:
    1. Your contact information.
    2. Choose the room and item being reported, or leave blank.
    3. Be as descriptive as possible about your issue/s.
    4. Attach a photo or image if appropriate (note: there is a 10MB file size limit).
    5. Indicate the best day and time to attend to your issue.
    6. Click ‘Submit’.
  4. You will receive an immediate email notification that your request has been received.

Once received, your request will be processed as follows.

  1. Customer Service will review your request for clarity. If there are any uncertainties in respect to the nature of the issue(s) and/or warranty coverage you will be contacted to confirm the specifics of the issue(s).
  2. Customer Service will then confirm to you whether the request will be dealt with at your 90-day or year-end anniversary, or whether the item of concern needs to be dealt with immediately.
  3. When it comes time to rectify the issue (either immediately or at one of your anniversaries), Customer Service will contact you to arrange access to your suite for initial inspection and/or service. IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to provide the service/ tradesperson access to your home. Should access to your suite not be possible, the service request will not be rectified.
  4. As scheduled, the contractor(s) will complete the repairs. Please note that contractors are advised to only inspect/repair what has been requested from our office. Therefore, any invoices received in our office for non-warranty work will be forwarded to the homeowners.
  5. Customer service will follow-up with you to verify that the work has been completed.

Once your year-end service has been completed all service issues will be considered maintenance and the homeowner’s responsibility.


Key Contacts:

FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS (e.g. plumbing leaks, heating problems, etc.), please call:

Calgary: (403) 701-3495

Airdrie: (403) 948-0337


For non-emergency issues or concerns, please call:

Calgary – Rancho Realty: (403) 253-7642

Airdrie – Astoria Asset Management: (403) 948-0337

Non-emergency issues would be concerns such as:

  • Noise issues/complaints
  • Pet issues/complaints
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping – i.e. grass cutting
  • Parking issues/complaints
  • Cleaning of common areas

“As a first time home buyer here in the city of Calgary, I was very preoccupied with finding the right home for me. The competent, calm, and knowledgeable staff at StreetSide assured me that there were several solutions and options for my concerns. It was a pleasure dealing with them. Regardless of your future plans here in Calgary, you owe it to yourself to speak to Patricia. Her no pressure approach to life and home ownership is delightful and a welcome change. Take a moment to speak to her. It will be a delight.”
Adriano C. – The Townes of Redstone Townhome Owner

“Everyone was very friendly and professional. With a 7 month old baby it is challenging to do anything but this purchase was the easiest thing we had done in a long time. Joel also went above and beyond ensuring that was were completely satisfied with the build. Dave the warranty guy has been exceptionally helpful and quick to response. Debbie is fantastic. They were not kidding when they said she knows everything. Her response time is exemplary. The house itself is everything we wanted.”
Vojtech K. – Killarney Townes Infill Townhome Owner

“I just want to say that the StreetSide team when we bought our townhome in Silverado was a pleasure. They were quick to answer our questions and alleviate any concerns we had. Thank you for making our move easy. Silverado is a great community with everything you need only a short distance away. I would highly recommend Streetside and the community of Silverado.”
Carrissa R. – Hunter House Bungalow Owner

“It is my good fortune that every event / interaction on this journey has been a positive, respectful and personable experience. The integrity and competence of Donna and Ellie are obvious and I have learned that Streetside genuinely cares: I matter... They care... a perfect combination which I greatly appreciate.”
Carmen D. – Vivace at West 85th Condo Owner

“The on site super, Rob Collins, was very helpful. He has been very accommodating. The whole StreetSide experience has been very enjoyable.”
Steve C. – Killarney Townes Luxury Infill Townhome Owner

“Jared and Bruce were amazing to deal with. They are very professional. If I have any questions, I know Jared is just a text away.”
Lai L. - The Loop in Evanston Townhome Owner

“We liked that the townhomes were a decent size ­– we wanted to downsize but not to the level of a starter home. Hunter House feels very comfortable. We also didn’t want to be in a huge development – and again, Hunter House is just the right size”
Tim L. - Hunter House Townhome Owner

“The StreetSide teams was very professional and easy to talk to. They had a lot of knowledge about the community and the building. They guided me through everything to make the process easy.”
Andy P. - Vivace At West 85th Condo Owner

“Dealing with StreetSide has been a very pleasant experience. Very organized and efficient.”
Arshdeep B. – Origins at Cranston Condo Owner

“Very professional, good answers to all questions and great customer relations.”
Stephanie G. - Vivace At West 85th Condo Owner

“They were great to deal with. We love our home and their warranty department was exceptional!”
Chantel G. - StreetSide Homeowner