6 Popular Condo Design Trends

popular-condo-design-trends-hunter-house-suite-220-kitchen.pngWhen it comes to Calgary condos, not all developments are created equal. From designer finishes to the latest technology, many modern condo developers are focusing on the high-end design trends home owners deserve. So, before buying a new condo in Calgary, take a look at the list below to know what you should expect from a quality condo developer in Calgary.

1. Designer Lighting

Lighting is evolving at lightning speed. From placement and choice of fixtures to bulb types such as halogen and LED, there is a dizzying array of options. Few aspects of design have a greater impact on day to day life as lighting. It even impacts our moods; making us feel happy, relaxed, alert and so on. Perhaps most importantly, high-efficiency lighting saves money and energy.

New condo developments have realized the importance of modern, energy efficient, high-end lighting. For example, Origins at Cranston in southeast Calgary offers a contemporary, energy efficient designer lighting package. When you’re no longer in the dark about lighting options, the possibilities are endless.

2. Fabulous Fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces are also becoming a popular condo design trend and can be customized to suit any taste. Regardless of room size, it can complement the décor or serve as a dramatic focal point. These sleek appliances can be enhanced with a variety of finishes or sport a clean, paired down look.  By seamlessly blending form and function, a gas fireplace can keep you warm and cozy while creating a unique ambiance that is truly your own.

Killarney Townes in southwest Calgary is a great example of how modern gas fireplaces possess the power to add warmth and wonder to your condo.

3. High-End Kitchens

As one of the most popular rooms in any home, the kitchen is a prime spot to benefit from modern design trends. Features such as quartz or granite countertops and full height tiled backsplashes add a contemporary look to kitchens of any shape or size.

From a practical perspective, full height 42” upper cabinetry provides a wealth of storage space, offering convenience without the clutter. Many cabinets also feature soft close doors and drawers. To top it all off, a stainless steel appliance package is at the heart of a cutting edge kitchen these days.

In Calgary’s sought-after west end, the well-appointed Vivace condominiums and townhomes bring all of these features together under one roof. 

popular-condo-design-trends-killarney-townes-skye-showhome-ensuite.png4. Beautiful Bathrooms

If the kitchen is the most used room in the house, the bathroom is a close second. It’s where you start the day with an invigorating shower, or where you end it with a tranquil escape to the tub. Consequently, a warm and inviting atmosphere is crucial in the modern bathroom and well within your reach.

For example, envision a 12” x 24” tile shower and tub surround complete with accent tile and mosaic tile backsplash. Depending on your tastes, you may want to add quartz or granite counters augmented by an undermount sink and stylish chrome fixtures. You’ll be happy to start and end your day right in your own private getaway.

5. Ample Outdoor Space

In years past, outdoor spaces were more of an afterthought than a focal point for designers. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as condo developers have recognized the potential of these areas. As a result, many modern condos and townhomes boast larger patios, balconies or terraces. Screened decks and balconies can even serve as outdoor living rooms to augment interior spaces or provide an entertainment area amidst lush surroundings.  

The Loop in Evanston is a perfect example of a condo community embracing the outdoors. With each townhome backing onto a carefully landscaped theme, you’ll want to spend all your time outside.  

6. Smart Technology

Lastly, high-tech home automation systems are allowing condo owners to control electronics, lighting, security and indoor climate with a single device  The attached bungalows of Hunter House in Silverado, for example, offer a Conasys Homeowner Care App and the Weiser Kevo keyless entry system. For added convenience, this can often be done remotely to accommodate even the busiest lifestyle. And, in keeping with the desire to reduce utility bills and environmental impact, many of these devices automatically adjust to conserve energy.

Thanks to modern design trends, the options for condo buyers have never been more plentiful. Designer lighting, beautiful finishes, ample outdoor space and the latest technology are but a few design trends you should expect to see from any condo developer. Be sure to ask your builder ahead of time to make sure you’re getting the very best design trends condo living has to offer.