Maximizing Space: The Kitchen

maximizing-space-kitchen-hunter-house-townhome-floor-plan-a3-featured-image.pngSo you’ve decided to downsize to a condominium. You’ve decluttered as best you can, getting rid of things you no longer need. That being said, you still want certain things in your new place. The obvious question is: can I still have everything I want in my kitchen? So while at 12-person dining room table may be a little unrealistic, this article will give you some ideas on how to fit those “must-haves” into a downsized space.

Look At Your Layout

First of all, consider the layout of your condo. Floor plan designs can vary a great deal – but here’s a good place to start with our “6 Tips for Finding the Best Floor Plan When Downsizing”. Once you’ve selected the ideal floor plan for your personal needs, you’ll want to look at ways to take advantage of all the space around you. For example, you’ll want to include plenty of built-in storage solutions, such as a pantry and plenty of cupboard space.

Consider Colour

Also, consider colour when thinking about your kitchen. The colour white, for example, goes well with stainless steel appliances and (bonus!) makes it look bigger. A striking piece of wall art can serve as a beautiful focal point in that area too. The eye will be drawn to the piece more often than anything else in the room.

Opt For More Shelvingmaximizing-space-kitchen-pantry-image.png

Pantries are a wonderful addition to any home and they add some much-needed shelving. In addition, modern condo developments are going for higher ceilings, which, in turn, equates to far more cupboard space. In addition, you can also ask your builder for ideas as to how to incorporate added cupboard space.

Additional Counter Space

Another idea is to incorporate a pullout counter. While modern condos generally boast plenty of counter space, this idea will allow you extra room to do food prep. This will also work well for those who only occasionally need a little extra room if, for example, they are hosting a holiday meal at some point. Also, consider a butcher block as a moveable versatile item for your work area.

You can also think about adding a small countertop to the back half of your island in your kitchen. This gives you a place to put folding chairs or even bar stools that can slide underneath the counter. Alternatively, consider a drop-leaf table by a sunny window if the island is too close to your countertops and appliances.

Decorate With Dishes

Why not consider adding a pot-and-pan rack from your ceiling or hanging off a wall hook? You don’t need to take up valuable shelf space if you have one of these lovely devices cradling your much-loved pots and pans. Plus, these racks have a trendy, vintage look to them. Win-win!

Less is more so keep your kitchen utensils, counter-top appliances, and other objects to a minimum. Keep what you love and regularly use within easy reach. For lesser-used items try to put them out of the way into magic cabinets, up on higher shelving or hanging in a wall rack for display.

Finally, remember the reason you downsized, to begin with: you had too much stuff and your old house doesn’t fit your needs anymore.