6 Low Maintenance Interior Décor Ideas

low-maintenance-interior-decor-ideas-featured-image.pngWhen it comes to condo living, most people are enticed by the prospect of a maintenance-free lifestyle more than any other factor. It’s a rather fantastic perk to have seasonal yard work taken care of and upkeep reduced to a minimum. People often forget that there are things that you can do inside your home to make things even more flexible for coming and going. If low-maintenance living is your thing, it doesn’t need to stop at your doorway – here’s how to decorate with a purpose on the inside of your home.

1. Add Some Greens

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance décor item for your home, there’s no better place to start than with some greenery. But plants need tending to, you say. Yes, but some more than others! There are endless varieties of cacti, succulents and other low-maintenance plants that are so easy to take care of. If you’re looking for a plant to survive weeks on its own, consider aloe vera or bamboo. These are simply some of the more common ones; there are all kinds of options for every mantle place and windowsill.

low-maintenance-interior-decor-ideas-hunter-house-a3-floor-plan-great-room-image.png2. Lighten The Mood

Next up: light fixtures. It’s certainly not the first thing to pop into most minds when thinking about décor, but light fixtures have the potential to really draw a room together. Choosing an eye-catching light fixture is also investing in an item that’s needed in your room, not added to your room. There’s no need to worry about making space and it’s a purchase that remains in place year round. Best of all, while the fixture itself can really add to a room, the added lighting can be a bonus in itself. Choosing the right light bulb means you get to walk into a room with a relaxing glow each and every day.

3. Litter With Literature

Books have become a rather popular interior design item. Did you know they can be a space saver too? Design catalogues often tend to use old hardcover, warn looking novels when decorating a room. It’s really not necessary, though. If you’re looking for an easy to clean, space saving décor item and you have a few books lying around, stack them creatively and voila! You’ve freed up a bit of storage space and put together a personalized décor item that requires nothing more than an occasional dusting.

4. Functional Flooring

When it comes to finishes, there really isn’t a better option than hardwood. Tough to scratch and dent, wood is durable and always looks good. You can tie wood finished furniture and décor items into almost any room, and they’re easy to clean too. An occasional dusting now and again and you’re good to go.

5. Beautify With Blinds

A simple and relatively maintenance-free way to decorate your home is to choose the right window coverings. Whether you prefer regal drapes, classic slats or colourful roman shades, drapes and blinds can add a ton of personality to any room. Best of all, they only require the occasional dusting.

6. Wall Art

Sticking with walls for a minute longer, a final low-maintenance home décor item is one that you’ve probably already begun to employ. It’s wall art. Hanging photos, large and small, is a fantastic option for pulling a room together and making it home. Canvases and murals are truly maintenance-free. In most cases, you won’t even need to dust them. If you’re looking for a flexible home décor item that comes in every size and shape, it’s time to go shopping for some art.

When most people think about home maintenance it’s often in the context of mowing the lawn or replacing the roof. Calgary condo living is so enticing because it eliminates exterior maintenance from the equation of day-to-day living. If you’re in pursuit of a home that matches your low-maintenance lifestyle, don’t forget to look around the interior of your home, too. There may be even more ways to free yourself of cleaning and care.

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