Living The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle

Living The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle retired couple imageIf you’re considering downsizing after retirement, then you are already aware of the advantages in choosing a low-maintenance condo.

Less to clean, a smaller mortgage, reduced bills, no yard work, and much more. But did you know one of the major perks of downsizing to a condo is the lock-and-leave lifestyle that comes with it? 

Just as the name implies, lock-and-leave living means you can pack up and head out without a second thought. Extending beyond more affordable, relaxed living, the ability to lock-and-leave gives you the added flexibility to pursue the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


The largest benefit of the lock-and-leave lifestyle is the time it frees up – allowing you to pursue your retirement dreams. Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel the globe, or spend Calgary’s unpredictable winter months far away in a Mexican villa. Even if you prefer to stay closer to home, you can head out the mountains for a weekend or take off to visit family at a moment’s notice. 

Friendly Neighbours

Aside from being near like-minded retirees, your nearby neighbours are also a great asset to locking and leaving.  Whether you decide to take off for a week or a month, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your neighbours are looking out for your property. This is also a huge benefit if you have pets, plants or mail that needs tending to while you’re away (just be sure to return the favour).


Among the many other high-end features that come standard in a new condo, you’ll also have the best security. Keyless entry systems, for example, provide added protection while you’re away and ensure you’ll never have to fuss with your keys when you return home. Private, double-car garages are another bonus (especially for storage), as you won’t have worry about your car, either. Some developments may even include security personnel who monitor the development regularly.

Living The Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle gardener imageLow-Maintenance

Included in your new lock-and-leave lifestyle is the advantage of owning a home needing little to no maintenance. Your low monthly condo fees cover everything from exterior window washing to snow removal. Imagine coming home after a family Christmas to find your driveway shovelled and your sidewalks salted. During the summer, you can head out camping for a few weeks without having to worry about the state of your lawn.

Additional Features

Walkability and accessible amenities are also something to look forward to in a lock-and-leave property. Because these features accompany a low-maintenance lifestyle, developers make a point of building in top new communities for added convenience. Other features, such as private, easy to maintain patios and terraces are also characteristic of lock-and-leave properties and allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and entertain when they are home. 

In addition to greater affordability, downsizing to a new condo has the added benefit of being able to lock up and leave without a second thought. On top of great communities, diverse amenities, high-end features, and low-maintenance living, to lock-and-leave means less time for worry and more room for life.

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