Ideas for Developing a Basement for Your Large Family

ideas-developing-basement-large-family-laptop-featured-image.pngWhen it comes to thinking about homes for large families, many people immediately eliminate townhomes from the list under the assumption they’ll be too small. 

Surprisingly, today’s townhomes are often just as spacious as the more traditional single-family house. All of StreetSide’s floor plans found in The Townes of Redstone are more than 1,400 square feet and when you choose to finish the basement, you add from 600 to 700 square feet of living space.

In fact, finished basements are particularly attractive to large families. The options available are flexible enough to suit the needs of different types of families. Check out some of the features you could have in your finished basement to see how it might work for you.

An In-Law Suite

Multi-generational families are often looking for ways they can live together while still having a sense of privacy. One way to do this is to create an in-law suite in the basement. In StreetSide’s new Opal+ model for instance, the basement could include a large bedroom with walk-in closet, full bathroom, linen closet, living area and flex space. The kitchen is shared, but with three bedrooms upstairs, this is a very attractive layout for families who want a space for their aging parents.

ideas-developing-basement-large-family-dinner-image.pngA Family Room

When you have a large family, it’s nice to have more than one living space for visiting. This becomes especially important when the kids get a bit older and they want to hang out with friends without parents around. With one of the basement design options in the Jasper floor plan, you’ll get a large rec room in the basement with space for a large desk. This might be a good spot to keep the family computer for homework. There’s also an extra bedroom in this design which can serve as a guest bedroom if you don’t need it for the kids. 

Alternative In-Law Space

StreetSide’s finished basements look every bit as nice as the rest of the home but if your parents are less than excited to live in a basement suite, you might arrange for them to have a suite upstairs. In the 2 bedroom Copper floor plan, you have a master bedroom with an ensuite and a second bedroom complete with a large walk-in closet. If you use the original plan that offers the flexible living space on the second floor, your parents could have full use of the main bathroom as well as their own separate living room. Finish the basement and the kids will have their own rooms downstairs. This arrangement might work best for families with older children who are unlikely to cry out for mom or dad in the middle of the night. 

Extra Bedrooms

If you have several children, you may only be looking at homes that advertise four or more bedrooms. These types of spacious homes are great, but they often come with an expensive price tag. The townhomes at The Townes might technically be three-bedroom townhomes, but all of them can be designed with two extra bedrooms in the basement, along with an additional full bathroom. The Copper+ floor plan is especially nice for those who need this feature because the bedrooms all have large closets and there’s a walk-in pantry in the kitchen for the additional food storage you need for a large family.

A Home Office

If you work from home and want a space that has a bit more privacy, the Opal floor plan may be just what you’re looking for. The primary plan includes two bedrooms so you may have passed it over at first glance. However, it does include the option of a den on the second floor – an ideal office space. By finishing the basement with two bedrooms, you could have a four-bedroom home with a home office at a price you can afford.

When you build your own home, it’s often possible to create a home that really works for your family. Don’t forget a finished basement adds a lot of living space to a “small” home. When you see what the townhomes at The Townes at Redstone look like, you may be surprised by how well the designs can meet your needs.