How Much Square Footage Do You Really Need?

How Much Square Footage Do You Really Need? Kitchen imageIf you’re unsure of how much square footage you’re going to need in your new home, you’re not alone! This is a common concern and we may have the answers for you. No one wants to pay for space they don’t use or that isn’t functional for their needs. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect amount of square footage, here’s what you need to consider.

Think About Where You Spend The Most Time 

One of the best ways to start thinking about square footage (and save yourself from buying more than you need) is to think about your lifestyle as well as the lifestyles of those living with you. How will you use the space? Where do you spend the most time in your current home? 

For example, the typical family generally spends a great deal of time in shared spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms – for this reason, larger square footage in these shared areas make sense. 

On the other hand, if you love to entertain, shooting for additional space in the great room, kitchen, or dining area may be the best option. This is in contrast to the person who spends a lot of time away working; the one who looks forward to a spacious master suite to retreat to when they come home. 

How Much Square Footage Do You Really Need? Bedroom imageNarrow It Down

Now that you have a handle on where you like to spend the most time, you’ll really want to think about how much room you’ll need in that area. For instance, you may love to cook for friends, but if you’re only having a few people over at any given time, it would make more sense to swap your large dining area for a roomy kitchen with an eat-in island. 

Another “extra” to consider is bedrooms. While you may enjoy having friends and family visit from time to time, paying for two extra bedrooms instead of one doesn’t make a lot of sense if they only visit once or twice a year. 

Consider What You Actually Need 

Would you believe us if we told you the average person only needs 200 square feet of space to function? Of course, that’s not reasonable for most of us, but it just might provide some perspective as to how much room you actually need when it comes to being comfortable in your new home. 

Most homeowners want to strike a balance between a cozy space and a functional amount of square footage. Be sure to think about how you use your current space ahead of time, what rooms are most important, and what might be considered an “extra”. By doing so, you’ll be sure to find just the right amount of square footage to meet your needs and then some.