Home Decor Trends for Spring 2018

Home Decor Trends for Spring 2018 Couch ImageThe changing of the seasons is the perfect time to update the décor in your home. Design magazines are often packed with ideas based on the latest trends but it’s important to think about making decisions that work well for you. We’ve looked at some of the upcoming trends for spring 2018 and offer some suggestions on how you can incorporate the idea into your own design plan without going all-in on a trend that will only last a few months. Feel free to pick and choose the best trends for you.

Saturated Colours

Saturated colours are rich and deep and they often give a room a distinctive feel. Some people really love this look and decide to use a bold hue on the walls. Others prefer something a bit more understated – a neutral background with furniture or accent pieces in a bright shade. The key to making this work is to choose a colour you really love. Consider the Pantone colour of the year for 2018  – ultraviolet – or go with any other option that makes you smile. If you’re nervous about taking bold steps in this direction, just purchase a few throw pillows or decorative items that incorporate the colour you like. You don’t have to do a complete room remodel to take advantage of this fun trend.

home-decor-trends-spring-2018-sphere-imageNatural Elements

People find when they decorate their homes with natural elements like wood and stone, their homes feel peaceful. If you’re designing a home or ready for a big remodelling project, consider putting some stone tiles in the entryway, wood or laminate flooring throughout the home and quartz countertops. A home that has a picture window with a beautiful view of the outdoors should have light curtains – or no curtains at all – to let the light in. If you just want a few additional decorations, try out a bamboo shower mat, a beautiful set of wooden spoons, or this bowl made from river stones to hold your fruit.

Plants and Flowers

Many people are eager to capture the fresh feeling of spring’s new growth in the décor of their home. Spring is the perfect time to bring some flowers in. They could dress up your dinner table, brighten up the living room and even look nice sitting on your bedside table. With fresh flowers, you can easily change the look and feel by purchasing a different type of flower each week. Different types of flower vases also create different feelings. You could also consider purchasing some larger green plants to place around the home. They’ll keep that fresh feeling year-round – as long as you remember to water them.

Varying Textures


The average homeowner pays far more attention to the colours in the home rather than the textures used in the furnishings and decorations – but it’s always a good idea to use different textures. For instance, on a smooth leather coach, you’d want something that has a textured fabric – something with a fringe or a pattern in velvet. This idea is becoming even more popular this spring. People are choosing velvet sofas and chairs. They’re looking at accent pieces with a bit of fringe dangling. 

Combining this idea with the look of natural materials, you’ll also see things like woven baskets for storage. As you choose pieces for your home, think about how you’ll use them. If it’s a piece you’ll be sitting on or touching frequently, you’ll probably want something soft. If it’s just a decorative item, you could choose something with rough or spikey edges.

Artisan Elements

Everyone wants a home that looks like the Pottery Barn catalogue but they don’t want people to think everything in the room actually came from the Pottery Barn catalogue. That lacks imagination. Fortunately, this spring we’re seeing more elements that look like they were hand-crafted. As the weather warms up, head to local craft shows or hit up the garage sales. Look for unique pieces that have a homemade look while still looking classy. You can also look for artisan pieces on sites like Etsy.com

Your home should bring you happiness and the best way to do this is to decorate with colours and pieces that match your personality. Pay attention to the current design trends, but don’t be afraid to forge your own path. Not every trend will speak to you.

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