Get Ready for Fall: 7 Inexpensive Décor Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

inexpensive-fall-decor-ideas-home-exterior.pngAutumn. It’s a season full of vibrant colours and gradual transitions. The days remain warm while the nights begin to cool. Leaves slowly start to fall and comfy clothes begin to re-emerge from the closet. It’s also the time for fall decorating! There’s something uniquely magnificent about the array of reds, yellows, oranges and browns that appear all around.

If you’re looking for inspiration this season there’s no better place to look than your own backyard. For some fun and easy do-it-yourself decorations this fall, we’ve put together a few ideas that we think will warm up your home as the temperatures cool. Best of all, the ideas are extremely affordable to do!

1. Fall Centrepiece

The best fall décor may actually be in your own backyard. It’s quite simple to put together a brilliant fall centerpiece with very little effort. To start, a basic wireframe or tin pail will do, even a woven basket works. Next, gather a few branches from nearby trees, making sure to get a mix green, yellow, red and orange leaves. Weave some berries through the branches and you’ve transformed your dining room table without spending a penny.

2. Seasonal Tablescape

Not quite satisfied with a centerpiece alone? With your colour-filled centerpiece in the middle, spread a handful of small gourds and pumpkins around your tables centre, in no particular order or position. Add a few vines with berries or even a couple of small candles and you’ve got a beautiful tablescape to welcome home family and friends.

inexpensive-fall-decor-ideas-centrepiece.png3. Autumn Shelf Display

Have a few mason jars laying around? If not, stop by an antique store and pick up a couple old, glass medicine bottles. Any faded yellows, browns or greens will do. Take a walk through a park and gather a few twigs and colourful berries to fill your jars with. This seasonal display will add a festive note to any room of your home.

4. Gourds For Vases

Looking for a craft to do with the kids? Dried gourds make beautiful autumn vases. Cut the tops off a variety of large gourds and remove the insides. Fill the gourds with water and fill with fall flowers or ornamental cabbage. You’ve got a beautiful, organic arrangement to set on your fireplace mantel.

5. Corn Garland

Another festive fall decoration is an Indian or flint corn garland. You’ll need eye hooks, glue and twine for this fall décor creation. First, insert eye hooks into the top of your corncobs. Next fold the corn husks together and glue them at their narrow end. Finally, string twine through the eyehooks and cornhusks, alternating back and forth. Indoor or outdoor, your Indian corn garland will look great.

6. Greeting Pumpkins

Another kid friendly décor idea is greeting pumpkins. Grab a sharpie or get out the paint and paintbrush and get started. You can be as creative as you like with your pumpkin. If it’s destined for your front porch writing, “welcome” in your finest cursive seems like a great first step. If you’re crafting with your child you can add handprints and designs around your greeting, or stencil leaves on top of your pumpkin with your paintbrush. Whatever you do, it will be sure to add a cute and festive touch to your entranceway.

7. Blankets And Pillows!

Have some old blankets and pillows lying around? Bringing out some extra blankets and pillows adds to the cosiness of your home all on its own. If you’re looking for a little bit more however, you can always add to them! With a little bit of wool felt, a stencil and some iron-on backing and blanket stitching you can add fall shapes to your most ordinary pillow. Leaves, pumpkins, acorns make for cozy pillow decorations; so long as you use warm fall colours you can’t go wrong.

With some odds and ends and a little bit of outdoor inspiration it really doesn’t take much to warm up your home with some fall décor. Sometimes a fall stroll is all it takes to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary!

Photo credit: exterior shot, flowers