16 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Sixteen Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Posh Featured ImageWhether you’ve put it off too long to find anything good at the store or you’re scrambling to come up with a one-of-a-kind costume for a Halloween party, don’t worry! With a little bit of effort, anyone can make a show-stopping ensemble at home. And we have the ideas to prove it! 

Here are our top DIY last-minute costume ideas for Halloween 2017. 

For Kids

Spaghetti and Cheese

Kids love it when they can “break the rules,” and this amazing Spaghetti and Cheese costume does just that. Using a colander and some yellow yarn for the “spaghetti,” kids will love dressing up as one of their favourite meals. Instructions also include a fun sidekick outfit of dressing up as a can of Kraft Parmesan cheese.


If your kids love the classic cartoon, they’ll love this easy to make Arthur costume. Simply pair a yellow sweater and blue jeans with Arthur’s signature aardvark ears, and you’re set!

Bunch of Grapes

One of the most classic Halloween costumes of all time, dressing up as a bunch of grapes is really easy. All you’ll need is some black clothing, a bit of green felt, a couple of bin liners, and a lot of purple balloons. An excellent gender-neutral costume that’s perfect for both big and little kids.

Sixteen Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Snow White ImageSnow White

80 years after Disney premiered his first long-form animated movie, it’s easy for kids to recreate the look of Snow White. A red headband and a bit of sewing will have your little girl feeling like a true princess.

Hogwarts Uniform

Whether your child has dreamt of the Sorting Hat choosing them for Slytherin or Gryffindor, they’ll definitely love this easy-to-make Hogwarts Academy uniform. The tutorial is for a Hermione Granger look, but it’s easy to modify if your child fancied himself more of a Ron Weasley or Harry Potter.

For Teens


It’s easy to use some denim and yellow clothes in order to make the famous Minions costume. Fashion a pair of goggles and customize the makeup, and you’ll be a smash hit at any Halloween party.

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood

If someone in your home is a fan of “T-Swift” or Taylor Swift as she’s known to the rest of the world, it’s pretty simple to whip up a costume based on the video Bad Blood. Instructions include how to make your own pitch-perfect Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, or Taylor Swift look.

Olaf from Frozen

If you’ve ever found your tween or teen singing “Let It Go” for hours and hours, then this costume is for you. With a little work, your kids will be transformed into the lovable Olaf from the hit Disney movie. 

Elsa from Frozen

For teens who simply must be the queen, this simple tutorial makes it easy to recreate Elsa’s signature look.

Sixteen Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes 80s Image’80s Girl

What’s more enjoyable than making fun of how your parents dressed in the 1980s? Nothing! That’s why this simple 80’s girl tutorial is such an innovative way to both ridicule and pay homage to a decade that was, admittedly, over the top in every possible way.

Vampire Bat

With just a few minutes’ of work, it’s fun and easy to transform a plain black dress into an amazing vampire bat costume. All you’ll need is a headband and some hot glue, and you’ll be ready to the night sky.

Wind-up Doll

Whether your teen grew up with an actual wind-up doll or has only seen them in a horror movie, it’s pretty simple to create your own key that you can attach to pretty much any outfit. 

For Adults

Candy Crush

Whether you spend hours playing this addictive game or just know someone who does, a super fun and easy Halloween costume you can make at home is Candy Crush. Using a few scraps of fabric and tools you probably have at home, you can turn your body into a walking, talking version of the famous game.

Queen of Hearts

If you grew up enjoying Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you’ll love just how simple it is to create your own Queen of Hearts costume. Pair a red or black dress with a homemade crown and “ruffle” made from a deck of cards and you can have fun all night long shouting, “Off with their heads!”

Bob Ross 

Don’t be surprised if people ask you about “happy little trees” and “fluffy white clouds” when you dress up as the legendary star of The Joy of Painting. This great instruction guide shows you how to create a perfect Bob Ross (complete with Afro) as well as a “happy little tree” costume for your partner.

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (pictured at the top)

From one of the all-time great movies, a Holly Golightly costume is incredibly easy to pull off. Pair a “little black dress” with black gloves and a faux cigarette holder, and you’ll spend the entire night having witty conversations with your friends.

Some scissors, a few basic supplies, and a bit of creativity are all you need in order to create a fun and exciting Halloween costume at home. Whether it’s helping kids dress up as their favourite characters or recreating memories from your own childhood, there’s a wide range of DIY Halloween costume ideas that anyone can make.

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