How you shop can make a huge difference on your grocery bills. Did you know there are tons of household items you can buy in bulk that will save you time and money? Get your Costco card out and take note because the following bulk items will surely give you more bang for your buck.

When it comes time to sell, most people stage the inside of their home. However, you don’t want to forget the outside; it’s just as important. A stunning backyard can be a huge factor for many potential buyers almost to the same degree as the curb appeal of the front of your home. Here are a … Continued

Choosing the right dining room table is important as it will play an integral role in your everyday home life. But with so many sizes, shapes, and finishes to choose from, where do you start? How do you know which table will look best in your home? Below are a few handy tips to help you … Continued

For homeowners, having an outdoor space to entertain friends and family is one of the best parts of Calgary summers – and condo owners are no different! Even in a low-maintenance condo, there are many features available to ensure your outdoor space is as welcoming as your indoor space. 

Spring is the perfect time to hold a garage sale and make some money off items you’re no longer using. But, with so many garage sales cropping up this time of year, how can you ensure yours will be a success?  A little bit of preparation can make all the difference in how much you sell … Continued

Owning a condo and being a gardener aren’t mutually exclusive! In fact, most condos have gorgeous balconies you can turn into your very own garden oasis. You have the opportunity to turn your outdoor area into the luscious garden you always wanted, as large or as small you’d like. Here are some creative design ideas … Continued

The entryway is the first place guests see when they enter your home, and the last when they leave. Because this area gets a lot of traffic, you want it to feel tidy, spacious and functional. Here are some great ideas on how to get your entryway working to its full potential.

Staging your home makes a big difference in terms of getting noticed by buyers and making the sale of your house quicker overall. Take a look at these staging tips to engage those hunting for a new home. 

There are so many ways to welcome spring. This could mean starting your spring cleaning, prepping your outdoor space, or just getting outside to enjoy the fresh air. There are also many ways to welcome spring into your home; all you need are a few light and airy touches! Take a look at these spring-inspired … Continued