While there’s already plenty of considerations to make when buying a new home, don’t overlook those related to your pets. If you’re planning to buy a condo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the options available in Calgary – but you’ll still need to double check that your pet (or future pet) will be allowed … Continued

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to update the décor in your home. Design magazines are often packed with ideas based on the latest trends but it’s important to think about making decisions that work well for you. We’ve looked at some of the upcoming trends for spring 2018 and offer some … Continued

As you tour showhomes, it can be hard to look past the décor and imagine what it would look like if you were actually living in it. In some cases, the look of a professionally-staged home is far nicer than anything you might be able to re-create on your own. In other cases, you may … Continued

Whether you have an oversized walk-in closet in your master bedroom or a tiny one in your college dorm room, you won’t be happy unless you truly maximize the space. Without proper organization, a closet can quickly become a jumbled mess and it becomes hard to find the things you need.  Our tips can help … Continued

Whether you’re trying to upgrade or downsize your home, you know the ability to sell your current home for the best price is going to have a big effect on your situation. You never know what the housing market will hold, but you can make some predictions by looking at trends.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you know you want to take your sweetheart out for a special meal. Calgary has a wide range of romantic restaurants that your taste buds are sure to love. Here are a few of our best suggestions for a Valentine’s Day dinner to remember. 

Whether you’re downsizing after retirement or focused on saving your down payment for your first home, it’s important to keep adding to your emergency fund. This money might seem unnecessary but it can really help you get out of a pinch. Consider the following reasons for building up an emergency fund, then start working on it.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or an expansive mansion, it’s important to make the most of the space you have. Anyone who purchases a StreetSide home will have plenty of space to work with, but you need to organize things to fit your lifestyle. This is especially true in your home office, where excess clutter … Continued

If you’ve been stuck renting, the chance to get your own little fur ball can be one of the most exciting things about moving into your very own condo. But before you head to the pet store, it’s important to take an honest look at what you really want in a pet. When you carefully … Continued

New Year’s Eve always evokes images of people partying in the streets, at concerts and in all the best bars and nightclubs. Those types of events are fun for some people, but not everyone wants to ring in the New Year in this manner.