While a good developer will offer great included features, most homebuyers have an understanding that a few select options can personalize their home and help it stand-out and increase resale value. The trick is to find that perfect blend of value and affordability – and we have a few suggestions. 

Welcome to Origins at Cranston. Nestled into the southeast neighbourhood of Cranston, Origins is a new condo development that features open concept designs meant to reflect the vast surrounding green spaces. If you’re looking for modern, low-maintenance living, with the perfect balance of urban accessibility and open space, this might be just the place for … Continued

It’s a common conversation. Children have scattered far and wide, retirement is on the horizon, life seems to simultaneously slow down and become busier as visits with friends and family become more routine. Is it time to downsize? Condo living offers the best of both worlds; a new home that’s better suited to your new … Continued

One of the most exciting parts of purchasing a new home is making it your own. It’s an opportunity to take something ordinary and fit it to your particular style/vision and it usually starts before you’ve even moved in. Most builders construct each new home with a set of standard finishings that are consistent across … Continued