You’ve done it! You have bought a brand-new condo! Now, buying a new condo will require some paperwork before you’re ready to move in, especially when it comes to a new development. There are some documents a developer has to give you as the owner of the new home. These documents discuss different parts of … Continued

When it comes to condo living, most people think of apartment style condos rising high across the cityscape. Fortunately, there is another great condo type for the urban dweller. Many developers build townhome style condominiums that merge all the perks and benefits of condo living with the features of a single-family home. This style of … Continued

Are you looking into condo living for the first time? It’s a whole new world, and you’ll want to gather some key information from your developer. Communicating with your developer will help the purchasing process run smoothly. In case you’re wondering where to start, here are seven important things to know when buying a condo … Continued

Looking to buy in 2017? If you’re in the market for a new home there’s reason for optimism. In light of the recent economic slowdown, home buyers can look forward to several unique opportunities that can benefit them both in the present and future. Here’s a glimpse into Calgary’s housing market forecast for 2017. 

As children move out and lifestyles evolve, most soon-to-be retirees will have a conversation about downsizing. The desire for low-maintenance living beckons. Flexibility and freedom become priorities. While some may turn to renting as they move into retirement, there’s a case to be made for buying new, and it’s worth some serious consideration. Here are … Continued

When it comes to buying real estate, there two primary ownership choices: condominium living or freehold housing. If you’re in the process of navigating the housing market, you’re choosing between one of these options. But what do these terms mean? We have the definitions for you, plus a few things to consider when it comes … Continued

It’s commonly thought that spring is the best time to buy or sell in real estate. But is it actually true? While spring is certainly the busiest season in the market, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. It really depends on what you’re looking for, and for most people, they’re looking for a smooth … Continued

“Pre-construction”, “finishing stage”, “spec” and “quick possession”. If you’re looking for a new Calgary condo, these terms are likely bouncing around in conversation. Many new prospective buyers have set timelines with job transfers, school seasons and other factors guiding the transition. Others may be a little less restricted and don’t mind spending a little more … Continued

In order to simplify their lives, more and more Calgarians are considering downsizing their homes to capitalize on the advantages offered by low-maintenance condo living. In turn, many developers are meeting the demand for high-quality condos with features you’d expect to see in detached single-family homes.  However, not all condo developers are created equal, and … Continued

Warranty. It’s fine print that is often overlooked but is usually quite important; especially when making a big purchase – one as big as your new home. New home warranty, mandatory under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA), can vary depending on the type of home you buy (i.e. single family home versus a … Continued