When pet lovers look for a new condo, their four-legged family members might take the first priority. Pet owners look for housing features that can withstand the wear and tear of big and small animals; comfortable spaces for them to shelter, eat and sleep; room for pets to get plenty of exercise and shade; and … Continued

If you’ve been thinking of buying a new Calgary condo or home, you already know you have countless options to choose from. From builders and developers to finishes, floor plans to upgrades, the choices are endless!

Take your lifestyle to the next level by purchasing a brand-new condo in our Vivace at West 85th development.  Suite 405 is move-in ready, so you won’t have to waste time waiting for your new home to be built.  The affordable $296,711 price tag (including GST) means this property won’t last long, so if you’ve been looking … Continued

If you’re considering a new condo, having a clear knowledge of the purchase agreement will give you peace of mind before you commit to buying. The purchase agreement is the contract you sign when you buy with a condo developer outlining everything you need to know about your purchase. 

When it comes to considering a new condo, it’s nice to have an idea of what the paperwork will look like ahead of time. Take management agreements, for example. A management agreement is a document you’ll be asked to sign upon purchase that states you agree to follow the rules outlined by the management company. … Continued

Condos have increased in popularity over the years and it’s easy to see why. With striking modern designs and ample nearby amenities, they’ve become extremely attractive to a wide range of homeowners. If you’re buying one that’s either under construction or about to begin, the most common question from prospective homebuyers is: “How long will … Continued

Condo living is perfect for anyone seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Not only is condo living more affordable, but it provides all the benefits of a single-family home with virtually none of the work. Despite the fact modern condos are incredibly popular due to their affordability and spacious, modern designs, there are a few condo “misconceptions” … Continued

In our previous post, the Document Checklist for Buying a New Condo, we gave you an overview of the necessary paperwork that comes with your purchase of a new condo. Since there’s plenty of information to take in, we’ll look at each one a little more closely. Read on to learn more about the condominium … Continued

When you’re shopping around for a new place to call home, there are many things you want to ensure you’ll be happy with long-term. How much you like the exterior design, the interior layout, the nearby amenities, and more — it will all affect your final decision. One of the biggest deciding factors will be … Continued

When you’re looking to buy your first condo, there will be things you won’t want to live without. Whether your new home is 650 or 1,250 square feet, there are a wealth of features that can make life easier – and choosing a reputable developer in a great community means you can have it all. … Continued