While a good developer will offer great included features, most homebuyers have an understanding that a few select options can personalize their home and help it stand-out and increase resale value. The trick is to find that perfect blend of value and affordability – and we have a few suggestions. 

StreetSide is excited to announce the open of 2 beautiful showhomes at the Townes of Redstone. If you’ve been looking for a townhome with no condo fees at an affordable price, you’re going to like what you see in this new community. This special event offers you a chance to check us out in a fun and … Continued

No matter how affordable the home, mortgage borrowers typically pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. For this reason, a half-percentage-point difference in interest rate can make a big difference in the amount you pay over time.

As you get ready to purchase your new home, you naturally start looking at homes currently on the market and visiting showhome parades. You also know that your mortgage payment is probably going to be your biggest expense, so you need to find a home that’s in your price range. A mortgage affordability calculator can help you … Continued

Whether you’re trying to upgrade or downsize your home, you know the ability to sell your current home for the best price is going to have a big effect on your situation. You never know what the housing market will hold, but you can make some predictions by looking at trends.

If you’ve been looking for a great townhome in Northwest Calgary, look no further than The Loop in Evanston. They’re finishing up Phase 1 of the development – a testament to how popular this community is – and Phase 2 has just been launched.

When you’re thinking about buying your first home, getting a roommate is probably the last thing on your mind. However, there are plenty of good reasons for a single professional to consider the option. With the right floor plan, you’ll be glad to have someone else sharing your space.

A large amount of debt can prevent you from living the life you want. You’d like to pay off those bills, but the task can sometimes seems impossible. Surprisingly, a debt-free life is closer than you think. With our tips and a bit of focus on your part, you can get rid of your debt … Continued

Apartment-style condos are an excellent choice for retirees, professionals looking to start building equity, or anyone else who wants a maintenance-free lifestyle. New Calgary condos are affordable, stylish and have many of the same advantages you can find in more traditional homes. 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you know you want to take your sweetheart out for a special meal. Calgary has a wide range of romantic restaurants that your taste buds are sure to love. Here are a few of our best suggestions for a Valentine’s Day dinner to remember.