Authentically Albertan: A Look Behind Evanston’s Unique Landscaping

Authentically Albertan: A Look Behind Evanston’s Unique Landscaping Evanston Featured ImageThe Loop in Evanston is quickly becoming one of Calgary’s most popular communities and it’s easy to see why. In addition to brand new spacious townhomes, this neighbourhood offers close proximity to every amenity and some truly unique characteristics you won’t find anywhere else.

For example, The Loop’s four different landscaping themes (one per phase) are uniquely designed to pay tribute to beautiful Alberta. Meticulously crafted and maintained, these themes add amazing curb appeal and value to each and every home in the area.

So, if you’re looking for a perfectly picturesque community to call home, here’s a sampling of what The Loop has to offer: 

Authentically Albertan: A Look Behind Evanston’s Unique Landscaping Featured ImageAuthentically Albertan: A Look Behind Evanston’s Unique Landscaping Mountains ImageThe Majestic Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most stunning geographical features in North America. As Calgarians, we just happen to be lucky enough to have them in our own backyard. So why not recreate the majesty of these natural marvels right in your own backyard? 

The Loop’s landscaping pays tribute to the mountains in a variety of areas. The boulder walls are all reflective of what the mountains have to offer while the large trees in the area are reminiscent of the lush forest you’d see in Kananaskis country.

Prairie Parklands

Alberta’s parklands are very fertile and allow unique plants and wildlife to flourish – more than most other areas around the province. For this reason, it’s also imperative for agriculture and beautiful to look at! 

Fescue grass is one of the most common traits in the parkland. As a result, The Loop’s landscaping experts have planted a lot of this fluffy and flower-friendly turf throughout the neighbourhood. 

Although it requires irrigation to stay green, this is a pleasing enhancement to the area. In addition, there are many small animals that residents can see in the neighbourhood as a result. 

Authentically Albertan: A Look Behind Evanston’s Unique Landscaping Mountains ImageRolling Foothills

Some people believe the foothills are one of the most beautiful features Calgary and the surrounding area have to offer. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but many species of animals are found here as they are the perfect area for wildlife to live. For this reason, it’s not uncommon to see large elk or deer during a stunning sunset. 

The plant life that thrives in the foothills is unique as well. Aspen trees tower above the landscape. and spruce trees are also extremely common in this area. The Loop has planted several of these species around the community, true to the scenic landscapes of the foothills.

Sweeping Grasslands

The grasslands are one of the most endangered terrains in Alberta. Because most of this terrain has been converted to farmland, this tends to hurt the local wildlife and scenery. This is what makes the grasslands theme such a welcome addition to The Loop. As you drive or walk through the area, you won’t be able to miss the expansive grassed areas.

True to the grasslands themselves, there aren’t a lot of plants or trees in these areas – making this the perfect place to have a picnic with your family or just sit and bask in the sun. Many people love the look these beautiful grassy locations provide. 

Overall, the great outdoors is a huge incentive for many people living in and moving to our province. And, because The Loop in Evanston has managed to capture Alberta’s most unique attributes, it’s easy to see why so many Calgarians are flocking to this lively new development. 

If you’d like to learn more about this charming new neighbourhood and all it has to offer, get in touch with us today. We’d love to tell you why The Loop is the perfect community for you. 

Photo credits: lake, mountains