Affordable Condo Living is Possible in the New Cranston Community

affordable-condo-living-new-cranston-community-deck.pngAlong the Bow River in Calgary’s southeast is the graceful condo community of Cranston. If you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, Cranston is one of few communities that boasts exceptional affordability with a long list of perks.

A New Suburban Lifestyle

Condo living has become increasingly popular across Calgary as millennials search for low-maintenance, commuter friendly neighbourhoods in the suburbs. It’s for those reasons developers in Cranston have sought to design a community that meets specific lifestyle needs. The Origins at Cranston development is a prime example, with 68 affordable apartment style condos ready to work around your life.

Well Connected and Easily Accessed

Like most in Calgary, your daily commute likely plays a big role in your quality of life, especially when it comes to city living. Cranston boasts some of the more reasonable commute times, particularly to the commercial and industrial districts further north. Public transit into the downtown core is straightforward, with local bus lines feeding into a direct route downtown on Calgary’s light rail path from the neighbouring community of Shawnessy. You can expect the public transit commute to take right around an hour during peak times and vehicle transportation to take around 45 minutes.

For day-to-day errands and running around town, there really isn’t a more convenient location to call home. Cranston sits just a few minutes away from the intersection of Stoney Trail, Calgary’s (nearly complete) ring road, and Highway 2 which runs north-south through the city. As far as accessibility is concerned, you  can’t beat it.

Amenities Right Around the Corner

Situated among a number of well-established communities, Cranston has no shortage of essential services and amenities. You’ll find fitness centres, financial agencies, grocers and local eateries nearby. Cranston is also close to some of the most frequented big-box stores such as Superstore and Walmart. The South Health Campus, Calgary’s newest hospital, is conveniently near by as well as a number of smaller medical and dental clinics.

Green Space in an Urban Setting

What sets Cranston apart from some of its neighbouring communities is the local green space. Looking out across the winding Bow River is the beautiful Blue Devil and McKenzie Meadows Golf Clubs.

The community of Cranston also enjoys an abundance of large local parks including Auburn Bay Park and Chaparral Lake Park, only a short bike ride away. Speaking of biking, nearby Fish Creek Park also offers more than 100 kilometres of single-track biking and hiking trails for those with active lifestyles to enjoy. The grounds of nearby Cranston School and Christ The King Catholic School also ensures there is no shortage of open space for leisure sports or strolls around the community.

affordable-condo-living-new-cranston-community-origins-kitchen.pngPremium Calgary Builds at Affordable Prices

With reasonable commute times, a long list of amenities nearby, extraordinary green spaces and prime accessibility, StreetSide’s Origins at Cranston condo development has a lot to offer anyone looking to live in a safe suburban community and we haven’t even talked about the project yet!

Our condo development in Cranston offers beautifully finished one-, two- and three-bedroom condos with a variety of functional floor plans to choose from.

Inside, you’ll find standard features such as stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, and patios for outdoor entertainment. The Tudor-inspired exteriors blend seamlessly with the premium location’s surrounding.

Perhaps the best feature is built into the very nature of condo living: minimal upkeep! Less time spent on maintenance and seasonal tasks means more time for you to enjoy the community around you, and that’s exactly what Cranston was made for.