8 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Space

8 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Space Green Sofa imageWhere you live is a personal choice, and while your home may fit with your needs and tastes, there may be times where you have to accommodate other people. Maybe it’s a special occasion, and it’s your turn to host. You have a few family members coming from out of town, expecting to stay with you. You’re excited and can’t wait for them to arrive until you find yourself wondering where everyone will sleep, eat, or take a seat. 

So it crosses your mind that you “need” more square footage, but the good news is, you don’t! Your home can be the perfect size for you – you just need to ensure you’re making the best use of your space.

The trick is to make the right choices about how to fill your space and it’s simpler than you think. Have you thought about how useful it would be if your furniture had multiple purposes?! Browse through this list of space-saving furniture that will not only add functionality but look incredibly stylish at the same time! 

8 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Space Compact Table1. Compact Table and Chairs

Have you ever wished that your chairs would push in just a little closer to your table? Some table and chair sets are designed to make that a reality. The chairs are perfectly curved to match the shape of the table so they fit seamlessly together, taking up less room.

2. Utility Shelves

Shelves are always handy to have in any room, especially in the kitchen. If you want to free up space in your cabinets, mount shelves that also have hooks as they can be used in a variety of ways. You could place spices on the shelf, then hang utensils , or even your mugs, from the hooks.

3. Bunk Bed Couch

This product brings new meaning to falling asleep on the couch. This couch doubles as a bunk bed. It’s similar to a sofa-couch, but instead of pulling out, you pull up to reveal not one, but two beds. The stacked design is a huge space-saver!

8 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Space Drop Down Bed image4. Drop-Down Bed

For another sleeping arrangement, this multi-purpose unit takes functional to a whole new level. Much like a Murphy bed, the drop-down bed is hinged at one end so it can be stored away vertically. However, this design includes storage, an attached desk, AND a couch – three living room needs met with one purchase!

5. Nesting Tables

Side tables serve many purposes, but they may not always be in use. This set of stacking side tables fit together like a puzzle, giving you the benefit of multiple tables in the space needed for just one. Both you and your guest can put individual side tables next to your lounge chairs for a place to set down your mugs. When the coffee date is over, you can simply store them away together again.

6. Storage Room Divider

Ample storage space is a must-have in any home, and shelving units are great for that. But for ultimate functionality, think about where you would place one. For example, this shelving unit is open on both sides, giving you twice the storage opportunity. Plus, it can even be placed in the middle of an open-concept space; this would both free up wall space and serve as a room divider. 

8 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Space Fold Out Table image7. Fold-Out Table

Ideal for those who occasionally work from home, or simply as a place to sort through your mail, a fold-out table removes the need for a full desk. This particular model includes some storage space within the compartment mounted to the wall