The 7 Best Things About Living In West Springs

best-things-about-living-in-west-springs-west-85th-shopping-centre-featured-image.pngThe small, west side community of West Springs has quickly become one of Calgary’s most popular destinations, particularly among foodies. If we really wanted, we could probably fill our list with seven restaurants, but there’s so much more to West Springs than just the sampling.

West Springs, in southwest Calgary, straddles trendy 85th Street SW. It’s in view of the Rockies and a short drive from downtown. But in case you need some convincing, here are the seven best things about living in West Springs!

The View

There’s only one range and it’s rather majestic: The Canadian Rockies. And it’s in view from West Springs. Situated on the Western-most edge of Calgary, it’s a straight shot out of West Springs to endless peaks and wilderness. This is perhaps the very best thing about living in West Springs.

Banff National Park is exactly one hour from West Springs and the entrance to Jasper National Park is just over two. It doesn’t matter who you are, an adventure-seeker, a day-tripper or a tour guide when friends and family come into town, having one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country in view is, truly, the best.

An Easy Commute

Calgary’s LRT (Light Rapid Transit) lines have expanded out toward West Springs with a new station located nearby at 69th Street. With the new LRT station in place, the commuting by transit into downtown now clocks in at just under an hour. For the daily commuter, this is welcome news. It’s also a rather nice alternative for those catching a weekend show or hockey game.

West 85th

The hub of this burgeoning community is West 85th. Home to boutique shopping and a foodie destination, West 85th is the heart of West Springs. Everything a community needs is here including banks, restaurants, fashions, groceries, pet care and child care / early education services. Adjacent to West 85th is the beautiful Vivace at West 85th, a contemporary condo and townhome development.

Good Eats

Do you know how many restaurants made Calgary’s 2016 Best Restaurants For Wine and Food list? Only four, and one of them can be found in West Springs! The Vin Room, located at trendy West 85th, is considered one of the original go-to places for wine lovers in Calgary. While a number of other spots dot the city, the Vin Room is known for its assortment of rare bottles and impeccable staff recommendations.

best-things-about-living-in-west-springs-vivace-townhome-main-floor-image.pngHot Spots

There are only six seats available at Yuga Indian Kitchen and Sweet House but it’s definitely worth it. Whether you’re sitting in or taking out, Yuga is extremely popular for traditional Indian cuisine and a recent addition to the West Springs community. The menu is packed with favourites including chana masala, tandoori chicken, samosas and curry galore. What’s more, each week Yuga posts special offers called Lunch Box and a Snacks Deal.


There are three golf clubs nearby West Springs. And we’re talking right nearby. In poor traffic, Valley Ridge Golf Club might be a 20-minute drive. If that’s simply too much, the greens at Elbow Springs and Pinebrook Golf and Country Club are a short 10-minute drive away from most places in West Springs.

For avid golfers, West Springs is one of the best spots in town. And even if you’re not a golfer, your Uncle George probably is, or that new client of yours, or your buddy visiting from out of town. There’s always time for a quick nine.

Riding the Trails

The number of regional bike paths in West Springs equals seven, give or take. They run every which way, and many are connected via local pathways that dart in and out of West Springs subdivisions. Calgary is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities around, and the community of West Springs is no exception.

A Little Bit Of Everything

West Springs has sprung onto the map for a reason. For many reasons, actually. If you’re lucky enough to snag some real estate, it’s the sort of place you don’t want to leave. With a blend of fun, food and outdoor living, classy shopping and some local gems, a “best of” list doesn’t take long to put together.