When you’re looking to buy your first condo, there will be things you won’t want to live without. Whether your new home is 650 or 1,250 square feet, there are a wealth of features that can make life easier – and choosing a reputable developer in a great community means you can have it all. … Continued

Take a look at this gorgeous unit, a rare find in Calgary. Why is this home so unique? This thoughtfully designed unit boasts a massive 1,263 square feet and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies (which, by the way, are not included in that square footage number) and plenty of space both inside and … Continued

Open concept designs can be a breath of fresh air. After all, living a life without walls gives you a freeing feeling while at home. Consider this your chance to design a space that can be used to its fullest. This is also an opportunity to flex those creative muscles as you go about deciding … Continued

There is something to be said for wanting to keep it simple when it comes to interior design. Not everyone wants to spend hours figuring out if their living room’s colour palette will jive with the kitchen and master bedroom. We are, by nature, compelled to love colour, but a monochromatic theme to your house … Continued

So you’ve decided to downsize to a condominium. You’ve decluttered as best you can, getting rid of things you no longer need. That being said, you still want certain things in your new place. The obvious question is: can I still have everything I want in my kitchen? So while at 12-person dining room table … Continued

The decision has been made: you’re set on moving to a new place and settling into your new lifestyle. Or maybe you want to take the things you love in your current area with you, such as access to that amazing cafe down the block. There are always things to consider when moving to a … Continued

You’ve done it! You have bought a brand-new condo! Now, buying a new condo will require some paperwork before you’re ready to move in, especially when it comes to a new development. There are some documents a developer has to give you as the owner of the new home. These documents discuss different parts of … Continued

Everyone wants more money or, at least, more to invest so they’ll have a nice cushion for the future. This isn’t news, but most people don’t think about a great option to help save money; the option of downsizing their lives. By removing the clutter and unnecessary expenses in your transition to a smaller home, … Continued