The small, west side community of West Springs has quickly become one of Calgary’s most popular destinations, particularly among foodies. If we really wanted, we could probably fill our list with seven restaurants, but there’s so much more to West Springs than just the sampling. West Springs, in southwest Calgary, straddles trendy 85th Street SW. … Continued

When it comes to condo living, most people think of apartment style condos rising high across the cityscape. Fortunately, there is another great condo type for the urban dweller. Many developers build townhome style condominiums that merge all the perks and benefits of condo living with the features of a single-family home. This style of … Continued

It’s the season of resolutions and fresh starts. But where exactly do you start? A good jumping-off point can be right in the comfort of your own home. Check out these eight things you can do at home to help take you into a more organized 2017.

It’s an end unit, quiet with wonderful natural light. There are courtyard views, and a covered balcony too. Craftsman styled architecture compliments a contemporary look and feel throughout the home. It’s a rare opportunity, and we’re excited to talk about it.

Are you looking into condo living for the first time? It’s a whole new world, and you’ll want to gather some key information from your developer. Communicating with your developer will help the purchasing process run smoothly. In case you’re wondering where to start, here are seven important things to know when buying a condo … Continued

While condo living is a type of home ownership structure, it differs from standard property ownership. Condo living means there’s both personal property and common property – that is, shared space and services among all unit holders. When it comes to living in close quarters, and sharing space and services with others, some rules and … Continued

Canadian winters… There are very few places you can go to escape them, and Calgary is not one of those places! But even though our winter isn’t toasty warm, we can still put up our best line of defense. To help you out we’ve put together a list of nine easy hacks to help you … Continued

Welcome to Origins at Cranston. Nestled into the southeast neighbourhood of Cranston, Origins is a new condo development that features open concept designs meant to reflect the vast surrounding green spaces. If you’re looking for modern, low-maintenance living, with the perfect balance of urban accessibility and open space, this might be just the place for … Continued

It’s a common conversation. Children have scattered far and wide, retirement is on the horizon, life seems to simultaneously slow down and become busier as visits with friends and family become more routine. Is it time to downsize? Condo living offers the best of both worlds; a new home that’s better suited to your new … Continued