Located in the popular northwest community of Evanston, StreetSide’s latest development has Calgarians eagerly awaiting to become part of this exciting new neighbourhood. Offering ample green space, scenic views, a ton of nearby amenities and plenty of stylish home models to choose from, the Loop in Evanston is the city’s most anticipated new townhome community.

Warranty. It’s fine print that is often overlooked but is usually quite important; especially when making a big purchase – one as big as your new home. New home warranty, mandatory under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA), can vary depending on the type of home you buy (i.e. single family home versus a … Continued

Don’t worry; you haven’t been tricked – when it comes to condo living, you don’t have a lot of maintenance responsibilities. As you’re probably already aware, condominiums have property management teams to take care of external maintenance, grounds care and major building renovations and repairs. For the homeowner, generally, the only responsibility left is basic … Continued

If you’re reading this you’re likely thinking – and likely dreaming – about buying a new condo. It’s an exciting step! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, condo living has a lot to offer. Condos are becoming increasingly popular among both millennials and near-retirees as more people search for a home conducive … Continued

While there are a lot of things you should consider before downsizing your Calgary home, one aspect of moving that you can get behind is the freedom that comes from purging all of your unnecessary belongings. It’s like a really thorough spring cleaning. Downsizing provides an opportunity to save. Yes, you can save on moving … Continued

You’re in the market for a new condo and trying to decide where and when to buy. It may not be much to look at, but purchasing a condo in the earliest stages of development can have a huge payoff in the long run. Between appreciation, community development and lower entry pricing, there are a … Continued

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, or looking to downsize from your larger home, there are many advantages to moving into a low maintenance condo. In addition to low maintenance living and a lock-and-leave lifestyle condo living also means you’ll have plenty of neighbours nearby. Everyone has had neighbours at some point in their life and, while … Continued

Home ownership, it’s a big decision and most certainly your most significant lifetime expense. So how do you choose the best home for you? The answer may lie in the decisions about lifestyle as much as it is about property type. With housing prices continuing to rise, alternatives to the detached, single-family home are increasing … Continued

Condo living has received some bad press over the years on the subject of resale value however condo living has rapidly increased in popularity and resale value has become even easier to obtain for a number of reasons unique to condos alone. Looks like its time to do some myth busting! Here are the top … Continued