Calgary sizzles with activity this summer as the city continues to offer up a host of fun and exciting options throughout August. Make the most of this last full month of summer by hitting up any (or all!) of the following seven must-see events and festivals happening around the city.

Traditionally, buying the ideal home meant looking for the largest house you could afford with a big backyard, finished basement, and a garage. Not anymore. With more and more millennials hitting the housing market as first-time homebuyers, the concept of the “perfect home” is rapidly changing. Unlike their parents, millennials do not share the same … Continued

Whether you start to consider the idea of downsizing and its many great benefits, due to lifestyle fit and/or finances, one thing to keep in mind during your home search is that a condo represents a unique form of ownership: one where a condo association (or board) will make decisions that are in the best … Continued

There are so many benefits to condo living. Fewer responsibilities, more amenities, and a real sense of community are just a few reasons why people decide on a condo. However, you’ve probably heard skeptics say, “yeah, but there’s always those condo fees.” Yes, condo fees are something to take into consideration but they are not … Continued

If you are looking to simplify your lifestyle, there are plenty of advantages to downsizing to a condominium. While there are many different types of condos options, they are all generally less expensive than single-family homes. Condos offer reduced maintenance, and often include amenities to make your life easier with maintenance free living. Perks such … Continued

Choosing condos over single family homes is a growing trend in the housing industry. Previously, it was common for only downsizers to want to move into a condo for low maintenance living, but many people today, especially millennials, are opting for this type of residence. What makes a condo so desirable? Below are just a … Continued

As you start to think about downsizing your household into a condominium or a townhome, the many conveniences of condo living can certainly be appealing. Shared expenses for basic maintenance in a condo community seems like an easy way to keep costs low and the community clean and well-kept. You’ll also be in a place … Continued

StreetSide Development‘s gorgeous attached bungalows are ready to fit your new lifestyle in Silverado, Calgary’s premier southwest community. At first you may be wondering just what a attached bungalow actually is, and you’re not alone.