10 Things You Never Clean (But Should!)

10 Things You Never Clean (But Should!) Cleaning Supplies imageYou’re pretty familiar with the usual house cleaning routine. Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms… it’s all fairly straightforward. But while you may think your house is spotless, there are a few things you’re probably not cleaning but really should.

10 Things You Never Clean (But Should!) Cleaning Blinds image1. Begrimed Blinds 

People don’t often put their blinds on the cleaning priority list but they’re one of the biggest dust-magnets in a home. In fact, to improve air quality and reduce allergens, you should clean your window treatments at least once a month. There are multiple ways to clean your blinds and window treatments, so be sure to make this a part of your monthly cleaning schedule. 

2. Wipe Those Walls 

Even if they don’t look dirty, you’d be amazed by what a quick wipe of your walls can do. This is especially true for the front or back entryways of your home where handprints, dust, grime, and wall scuffs tend to happen most. It’s a little improvement that makes a big difference – all you need is some dish soap, warm water, and a sponge. 

3. Handling The Door

Have you ever considered how much use a doorknob and deadbolt get in a week? Keep these areas germ-free by wiping them down with a Lysol wipe every time you clean. This especially good to do during cold and flu season to prevent getting sick. 

4. Filthy Fan Blades 

These should be cleaned at least once a week – specifically in the summer when they’re being used more often. When they haven’t been cleaned, they collect dust that can quickly spread all over the room once the fan is turned on. With a microfibre cloth and some hot water, a quick wipe once a week takes no time at all and keeps your home much cleaner. 

If you have a lot of build up on your fans, try this trick: grab an old pillow case and wrap it around the blade. Wipe down to the end and watch all the dust and dirt fall right into the case, rather than on your floor. Then wipe down with water and your cloth to finish them off!

5. Beautiful Bedding 

Everyone loves the feeling of crisp fresh bed linens. But how much effort do you put in to cleaning your duvet or washing your pillows? Most synthetic pillows can be washed in your machine but always be sure to check the label. As for your duvet, if you’re unable to do it yourself, seek the help of a professional dry cleaner. 

10 Things You Never Clean (But Should!) Couple Watching TV image6. Rundown Remote 

When you turn on the TV to binge watch a few of your favourite shows or the game, you may notice how dirty your remote feels. To clean your remotes, all you have to do is use 50% rubbing alcohol to 50% water solution (on a cloth) to clean off any germs. If it’s really grimy, we recommend a toothbrush to get into any little crevasses. 

7. Garbage Can? Gross!

As you know, this item is basically a catch-all for a lot of nasty things so it’s important to give it a good scrub every once and a while. We recommend taking it outside and pouring a bit of your favourite dish soap inside, then rinsing it out with the hose and letting it air dry. If you’ve opted for a low maintenance lifestyle (no yardwork = no hoses), consider a quick rinse in the bathtub instead. 

8. Freshen The Vacuum Filter

You’ll get the most out of your vacuums cleaning power if you clean the filter regularly. All you need to do is throw your filter (and any other attachments while you’re at it) into the dishwasher with a cleaning pod. However, if the filter is old you may want to replace it. 

9. Sanitize That Kitchen Sponge 

Kitchen sponges are ideal for everything from wiping up quick counter messes to scrubbing crusty after a masterful dinner. But its versatility also makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. The best thing you can do to avoid a germ-ridden sponge is to refrain from leaving it in the bottom of your sink. You can also leave it to soak in 3/4 a cup of bleach to one gallon of water periodically as this is proven to kill up 99% of germs. 

10. Brighten Your Cutting Board 

You know your cutting board should be rinsed after each use but are you familiar with how to care for a wooden cutting board properly? If you find rinsing it with soap and water isn’t doing the trick, you’re going to want to rub it down with lemon juice and coarse salt to get rid of any bacteria. Also, make sure you wash both sides evenly so the wood doesn’t warp – this can make meal prep more difficult, not to mention dangerous. 

We understand it’s hard enough to keep up with regular cleaning, let alone add more items to your list. However, cleaning a few, if not all of these items regularly will not only help you to clean more effectively, but they’ll help your home remain tidier for longer. After all, it needs to be done so why not do it well?

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