10 Benefits of Townhome Living

benefits-of-townhome-living-hunter-house-townhomes-courtyard-featured-image.pngWhen it comes to condo living, most people think of apartment style condos rising high across the cityscape. Fortunately, there is another great condo type for the urban dweller. Many developers build townhome style condominiums that merge all the perks and benefits of condo living with the features of a single-family home.

This style of condo strikes the perfect balance between a low-maintenance lifestyle and the luxuries of private home ownership. Here’s our list of ten great benefits townhome living offers homeowners.

1. Greenspace

One of the joys of detached home living is personal property. Whether you enjoy hosting backyard barbecues or simply like space to tinker around, outdoor space is something that’s universally appreciated.

Most townhomes have plots of land that are owned by the unit holder. It gives you ample room for children and pets to play and even for some gardening, should you wish to really maximize your space. If you’re looking to cut back on seasonal yard work but still want the benefit of outdoor space, townhome living could be exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Balconies

Beyond some added green space, townhome living often features other outdoor spaces just for you. Many townhomes have walk-out balconies or verandas, perfect for sipping your morning coffee or relaxing with a book.

3. Patios

Some townhomes also include patios in the yard space, possibly with natural gas hook-ups for summertime grilling. When it comes to urban living, this is a nice feature to have.

4. Garage Space

Let’s be honest, those two and three car garages are often filled with more “stuff” than cars. Some townhomes have tandem garage space that protects your vehicle while giving you some extra storage space. When it comes to downsizing, things like garage space are typically the first to go. If you’re thinking about condo living, townhomes offer the perfect compromise.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Aside from the above-mentioned features, townhomes still offer nearly maintenance-free living. In many townhome communities, homeowner’s associations or condo corporations are responsible for all exterior maintenance work and seasonal yard care.

Condo fees contribute to hiring teams that take care of everything from snow shoveling to lawn care, to exterior painting and gutter cleaning, leaving homeowners responsible for the interior of their homes and nothing more.

benefits-of-townhome-living-vivace-at-west-85th-townhome-main-floor-image.png6. Multi-Level Living

Contrary to apartment style condo living, one of the benefits of townhome living is the multi-level floor plans. Like single-family homes, townhomes provide plenty of space for everyone, with bedrooms upstairs, spacious living rooms and kitchens, and the option of a fully finished basement.

7. Close Community

Living side-by-side, you’re bound to bump into your neighbours now and again. Whether you’re the neighbourly type or not, there are benefits to living in a close-knit community. That extra cup of sugar is just steps away, and when you head out of town for a few days there’s always someone to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

8. Urban Convenience

Townhomes were designed for convenient living. They are typically located in urban communities with amenities, entertainment destinations and the staples of everyday life located nearby.

For many urban dwellers, public transit is an important consideration and good builders will often seek to build in areas that provide easy access to the city. Townhome living is made for people that are always on the go. With seasonal yard care services and maintenance teams caring for your property, coming and going is truly worry free.

9. More Cost Friendly

This final point is pretty straightforward. Townhomes are generally less expensive than single-family, detached homes. With smaller square footage, lower utility bills and fewer out-of-pocket maintenance costs, townhome living simply costs less.

With more and more people moving into cities and urban communities becoming denser, townhome living provides a convenient and affordable alternative to detached home living, with a lot of added perks!

10. Consider Your Options

In considering the differences between apartment condos, townhomes and attached bungalows, you should be able to decide what’s best for you. In a fast-paced world where convenience is coveted, townhome living offers a nice mix of detached home features with the flexibility of condo living.

Whether it’s your first home-buying experience, or you think it’s time to downsize, you may find a townhome is your solution. If low-maintenance living is high on the priority list, but sacrificing too much space is a concern, a townhome can be the perfect in-between.